Customer Service Resume Template


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The Customer Service Resume Template available for download on this page is easy to use and can help you get a job in no time. Here are some easy to follow instructions about how to use the document and a couple of tips that will help your resume shine out above the rest.

How to Use the Customer Service Resume Template

Download the Customer Service Resume Template file and open it. It will be executed by software that is compatible with Microsoft Word 2003. First, enter your personal information in the top left of the document. Your name, address, and the e-mail address that you use all have certain spots. Next, skip down to the Profile section of the document. On the right side is area to put information about yourself and why you would be a good employee. Let the employer you know what you are doing when it comes to customer service and make statements that show it off as much as possible.

In the Synopsis of Achievements section, you can add awards or promotions that you received. Sales statistics are also very helpful. The Employment section has room to put your former employers and information regarding them. The diplomas you have received should be entered into the Education area along with information regarding the schools.

Tips for Using the Customer Service Resume Template

You need to really make your resume stand out and let who reads it know that you are very familiar with customer service situations and a sales atmosphere. You do this by the information in the Profile section. Throw out any and all information that shows you know how to handle customers with a good attitude and can handle pressure without cracking. Previous awards, information about sales performance, and promotions can all be good information. The achievements section can help emphasize what you say above. Have a profile point that states how well you did at a certain company and then add your employee of the month award to the achievements. Make sure your resume stands out in the crowd.

By using this Customer Service Resume Template, you can quickly update your resume and easily have it ready for your next job. Download it from below and start your new job as soon as possible in the Customer Service field. You will have the most professional resume in the stack.

Download: Customer Service Resume Template