Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

One the easiest ways to rate how your business is doing is by having customers complete an easy satisfaction survey. You can find out what areas need improvement, which employees are working the hardest, and how you can improve the consumer’s experience. The Customer Satisfaction Survey Template is an easy way for you to create a customer survey and receive their thoughts and opinions about their shopping experience.

How to use the Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Download the Excel document and open it to a page with instructions. This front page explains how to best use the satisfaction survey. Begin by going to the bottom of the page and choosing the tab that says “Survey”.

On this page, there are five pre-made fields with questions. They are very general, but you can make them more specific if you want. At the top orange bar, include your company name so users know what this is for. Then, users will fill in their answers beneath the gray bar under the questions. There is no character limit.

There are two ways you can collect the data that customers enter. One is to use the Excel template in a “Shared Drive” that can be edited by multiple people (examples: Open Office and Google Drive). If you prefer something easier for your customers, just ask them to fill out the form and email or mail it back to you.

Tips on using the Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

  • Don’t make your questions too complicated. People want to fill these out quickly.
  • Consider having anyone who submits a completed survey entered into a raffle to win a prize.
  • Use this form to narrow down a specific area you want to improve, for instance employee attitude, ease of shopping, or even store navigation.
  • Send these surveys throughout the year to compare data and see if your changes are working. Getting the same or similar feedback over and over shows that something need improvement.

Download the Customer Satisfaction Survey Template


Template courtesy of Microsoft