Credit Card Use Log


Free Credit Card Use Log

The secret to successful money management has not changed since people learned to write down their daily expenses on a notebook. A credit card use log is an online version of this notebook that gives people easy access to information about their spending habit, where their money went so far, and a written proof of their expenses.

Spending encompasses your current expenses, and there is no better way to record them than by using a credit card use log template. It is so important to keep one because you make plenty of spending decisions every day. You purchase items and the sum results of all these daily expenses may go unnoticed if you don’t keep track of them. Therefore, all you need to do, for a better future, is download this template here and follow some tips as explained below.

Using Credit Card Use Log Template

  • You can take a number of super-easy steps to get your expenses down in order. After downloading this template, it is a matter of entering the items in their respective columns. This step actually includes a number of tasks, all of which take a little time but that are necessary to making sure that you have entered the numbers correctly.
  • If possible divide the page of the credit card use log into three categories: important, essential and nonessential. Essential bills will be the one that you cannot avoid for any other reasons. If you didn’t pay them it would bring a catastrophic consequences. Nonessential bills are the ones that you spend for things like entertainment. Important bills are the ones that you should pay eventually.
  • You may have other bills not mentioned here. Use your best judgement to note them down and categorize them accordingly. Once the list is ready, the template allows you to calculate the balance. Make sure to clearly name the items that you have entered so as to avoid confusion later.
  • You can also add extra columns on the credit card use log for comments or extra information about a specific expense. The information entered will be a great source for recalling the details of that expense. Save the file in the end in a safe place where you can retrieve it faster. You can always go back and fill in more expenses or alter any column.
  • This template is also an useful tool to help you create debt repayment plans. Since all the expense are before you, you can see how much progress you can really make with the leftover money you identified. This way you can check out how fast you could get out of debt, if any.

Download: Credit Card Use Log