Course Syllabus


The Common Core State Standards initiative and other educational reforms of the last decade have placed more stress on teachers than ever before. These accountability measures mean that teachers are spending more time planning, assessing, and testing, than ever. In order to meet these requirements, teachers and professors have to be organized from the beginning of the year. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a course syllabus.

Whether you teach kindergarten or college level classes, having a course syllabus is essential for the beginning of class. Students need to know the requirements and resources of the course so they can plan ahead. Outlining the assignments or topics covered for the year will show students and parents you are organized. Using this customizable syllabus will simplify the difficult process of making a course syllabus.

How to Use the Course Syllabus Template

  • Begin by downloading the syllabus for free and saving the file to your computer.
  • Next, enter the course name, your name and the contact information. Include office hours or hours you will be available for personal consultation.
  • Then, type in some class-specific information about the required text, a class description and some goals. The template is easily customized to meet the needs of a variety of classes.
  • After that, fill in the course requirements, resources, and evaluation. This is important to let students know what they need to succeed in the class.
  • Finally, it’s very easy to fill in the date, topic and required readings for the course. Add the exam dates at the end.

Tips for a More Effective Course Syllabus

  • If you have specific class rules, add them on the syllabus so students are aware of them right from the start.
  • Include a signature line at the very bottom that students can sign and return to you. This way you have documentation they were given the syllabus.
  • Personalize the customizable template by adding your school colors or logo.
  • Post a copy of the syllabus online so students can access it electronically. Some students will lose their copy and you don’t want to be making extra copies all year.
  • Reward students for being organized by giving them extra credit at the end of the year if they still have their syllabus.

Having this course syllabus to hand out at the beginning of the year sets the tone for the entire year and helps put the teacher on the right path to a great year.

Download: Course Syllabus