Corporate Holiday Party Invitations


Free Corporate Holiday Party Invitations

The holiday season will be here before you know it and you know what that means? Corporate holiday parties and all the preparation that goes into the big upcoming event. One way to help make the task easier is to take advantage of the free and easily customized Corporate Holiday Party Invitations as they are a great option to create an invitation for that upcoming holiday event by your company. You can have them sent out designed, printed and mailed but that can become expensive very fast. Why take the time and money to have them designed when there are some elegant and professionally designed templates here on this page that can be easily downloaded for free simply by clicking on the download button?

Using the Corporate Holiday Party Invitations Template

Unlike the professional designed corporate invites that you could have created, you can easily customize the Corporate Holiday Party Invitations per invitation as well. Maybe you have certain tasks or special messages that you want to include in your invitations. This can include certain messages that make the invite a little more personal to the invited person or family. The Corporate Holiday Party Invitations are not only free but are also easily editable to create your perfect invitation. You can switch out pictures, add your company logo, even add personalized pictures to give that extra warmth and touch that is so important especially during the holiday season.

All you have to do create your Corporate Holiday Party Invitations is:

  • Click the Download Button
  • Open file in Microsoft Word (Windows or Mac)
  • You can highlight the text and add or change the information as needed. The text provided is just a template for reference.
  • You can click on the picture and re-size or replace it according to your needs.
  • If you want to add a picture you can do so as well by dragging it directly onto the document and placing it where you like

Professional Corporate Holiday Party Invitations do not have to be expensive, difficult to create, nor time consuming. Take advantage of the free template offered right here on this page and you can have your invitation printed and ready to go faster than getting your first proof back from a graphic designer. Remember, as always, you can always contact Microsoft help desk if you run across any problems or have any questions!

Download: Corporate Holiday Party Invitations