Confidential Labels


Free Confidential Labels

Every business deals with information that needs to remain private. Documents and files containing that data need to be clearly designated as such with confidential labels. It may involve salaries, social security numbers, patient or client information, or even just personal identifying details. Even in daily life, there are times when it is necessary to designate information as private with confidential labels. It is wise to label loan records, wills, medical information and birth certificates so that they are handled properly.

These labels are an office workplace essential. Make sure they are printed on high quality paper and stored in an accessible place where you and your employees can find them. Confidential labels are a tested way to make sure printed information is accessed only by those to whom it pertains. It removes the uncertainty of whether a folder should be accessed or not. These labels also help organize other information around the office, and keeping this information obvious and separated can help a business run more smoothly.

How to Use Confidential Labels

  • Purchase 2-5/8 x 1 inch label sheets for your printer.
  • Customize the sheet to fit your needs.
  • Print the labels and let them dry before use.
  • Attach Confidential Labels to any file that meets your business’s confidential designation.

Tips for Using Confidential Labels

  • Make sure your business has a confidentiality standard and definitions for this designation.
  • Explain what these labels mean to your employees, and tell them whether they have clearance.
  • Make sure your clients see that you use and respect confidential information. This builds their trust in your business.
  • Place the label in the upper left-hand side of a folder whenever using them, and train your employees to do the same. This will prevent confusion and will ensure that the label is always seen before a folder is opened.

To customize these labels, download them from this site. Open the file in Word 2003 or later and edit the labels to suit your needs. You may consider adding designation tags, employee codes, or whatever is necessary to fit your business needs.

Download: Confidential Labels