Concert Invitation Template


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The process of inviting friends and family to special events just got simpler and faster. With the Concert Invitation Template, users can now send multiple invitations to guests without the paper, but entirely online through email. If your child or friend is having a first-time or major musical performance, and you want the moment to be captured with as many people as possible, don’t think about whether or not the mailman is going to deliver your invite in time. With the click of a button, make it all happen in minutes. And, best of all, by using this template, you can send invitations anywhere from a week to 24 hours before the big day.

Using the Concert Invitation Template

For getting started, users will need to have access to Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is the primary program that facilitates the use of the Concert Invitation Template, because you have to configure your email into the program. Once you have access to Outlook, you can easily start using the Concert Invitation Template. From this page, the download is free and takes seconds to upload. You can also customize your template to better suit your preference. Below are the three main steps you need to know to send your invitations.

  1. Once downloaded, the Concert Invitation Template opens up using Outlook. The template is situated in the body of the of the email and the user has the same email options of ‘CC’, ‘Subject’, and ‘Recipient’ tabs. Fill these in before you get started.
  2. The Concert Invitation Template is designed with dandelion yellow and a picture with percussion, guitar, and musical notes which capture the essence of a grand performance. Follow the inserted tags which guide you through the process of where to put your invite information. For example, at the top, the tag provides a space to enter your invitation text. This is followed by the name of the organization and the concert;s name. Next, you insert the name of the performers, date, time, and location, and finally, the RSVP contact information.
  3. Once you have placed all of the information required in step 2, your invitation is complete. Simply click the send button.

Special custom tips can include any of the following:

  • Change template and font color using color tabs.
  • Change font design for larger or smaller appeal.
  • Add a personal photo of the performer using copy and paste.

Download: Concert Invitation Template