Computer Programmer Resume Template


Free Computer Programmer Resume Template

Even when the economy was in a poor condition, the demand for computer programmers remained high, and this popularity continues in 2013 also. But, receiving a stable job as a computer programmer is highly dependent on a resume because creating a resume without a computer programmer resume template can lead to rejections even before the interview. This article reviews how to utilize the computer programmer resume template to improve the likelihood of moving onto the next step.

How to Use Computer Programmer Resume Template

As with other resumes, the personal information like e-mail address and phone number should be included on the top. Then, below this section is summary, which is where professional and personal experiences in programming are listed. The point of summary is not to overwhelm the reader with the list of experiences, but rather, provide a key sentence or two about the main focus of applicant’s programming. If necessary though, summary can be modified since this computer programmer resume template that was downloaded for free on this page is easily customizable and usable. Some applicants may want to combine summary into the same section as personal information.

Tips for Using This Computer Programmer Resume Template to Get the Job

The main three sections of this resume are computer skills, experience and education. In terms of their importance, experience is now the most important section even though education used to be the top section in the past. So, what are key tips for each of these sections?

  • First, computer skills are split into languages and softwares for a good reason. Depending on the job, familiarity with certain languages and software will be required. For example, if the job is in web development, the manager will probably want to see HTML/CSS/Javascript in the language as well as sample projects using Ruby on Rails.
  • Second, experience is critical for successful computer programmer resume template. With this template, the main tip is to focus on the role and responsibility rather than the project. In other words, it is helpful to explain if the role was front-end or back-end and describe the level of involvement. It is beneficial to include possible references as well.
  • Third, education is a straightforward section if the applicant has a degree in computer science or related fields. If the degree was not in the computer science, related coursework can be included if available.

Download: Computer Programmer Resume Template