Complaint Letter Template


Free Complaint Letter Template

When you enter into a service contract, you expect for the service provider to perform as agreed in accordance to the contract. When you receive poor service, you can choose to file a formal complaint so that the treatment is documented, and so that any service that can be provided to remedy the situation can be handled appropriately. A Complaint Letter Template will not only serve the purpose of notifying upper management about your dissatisfaction, but it can also help the leaders of the of the company make decisions about how to better improve the quality of the service they provide.

The Complaint Letter template provides the outline of the details that are needed to properly file a complaint and is easy to use. The Microsoft Word Template is downloadable for free on this page and it delivers a professional finish that will make it clear that your complaint should be taken seriously and addressed immediately.

How to Use the Complaint Letter Template

  • First, fill in your name as it appears on the contract. You can use your personal name, or if doing business under a business entity, you may also list the name of your business as the addressee.
  • Second, complete the address you wish to use. Be sure to include the street address, city state and zip code. When the recipient responds to this complaint, they will use that address to mail the correspondence.
  • Third, fill in the date of the complaint. Use the date of the complaint being filed, not the date of the occurrence.
  • Fourth, indicate then name of the person you wish to address the complaint to. Spell out their name and be sure to include their title of position within the company you are complaining about..
  • Fifth, the address of the company. If you are sending this complaint to a corporate address that differs from the service address, use the corporate address..
  • Sixth, re-type the name of the recipient in short firm, using Mr. or Mrs./Ms. Followed by their last name.
  • Seventh, clearly explain your reason for the complaint. Use the space to spell out all the details so that the recipient can understand the entire story.
  • Lastly, finish the complaint by signing your name and title or position you hold as it relates to this transaction.

Tips for Using the Complaint Letter Template

  • First, when providing details about the complaint, break up the complaint into smaller paragraphs.
  • Second, double check the spelling of the recipient and the address that is listed on the complaint. Proofread the body of the complaint to make sure it is understandable and clear. If the Complaint Letter Template is changed, make sure to save most correct version in multiple formats for easy access from different computers or software platforms.

Download: Complaint Letter Template