Company Project Timeline

Company Project Timeline

The Company Project Timeline can help you organize the best strategy to accomplish any goal you set out. Owning a company or starting a business can be a difficult challenge to face alone. Without the proper tools to help you organize your ideas, you could end up biting off more than you can chew.

Luckily, the Project Timeline is available to help you sort all of those genius thoughts into a highly focused plan. You will simply enter all the tasks you need to accomplish a goal and have charted a path to success.

How to Use the Company Project Timeline

Downloading the Project Timeline template is simple. You can just follow the link provided at the bottom of the page to get started.

After opening the file, you will begin customizing the worksheet for your business. The template is a straightforward timeline in which you will enter the dates of your projected goal and the subsequent information under each category.

Start by entering the start and end dates of your project. Simply enter the date you want to start working on your project and the time you want to finish it on the opposite end of the timeline.

Now, break apart your project into separate tasks and enter them in between your start and end dates. For example, if you’re organizing a charity, you’ll probably need to hire a catering team at some point, that will fall somewhere near the beginning of your timeline.

For each task, enter the date you want a task completed and give that task its own bar line, as illustrated in the example.

You can even give yourself general tasks that span over days or even months. Let’s say your goal is to improve sales for the year. You can list “morning meetings” in the bar at the bottom of the page. This will remind you to host motivational meetings to encourage supervisors to push sales every morning.

Finally, implement the plans you’ve been talking about for months. Download this free template today.

Download: Company Project Timeline

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