Company Picnic Invitations


When organizing a corporate picnic to boost employee morale, it is important to ensure all employees are aware of the time, date and location of the event. Company Picnic Invitations ensure all employees receive notice and complete details in a consistent manner. Employees feel individually appreciated when they receive customized Company Picnic Invitations.

The template provides professional results and is easy to use. The Microsoft Word Template is downloadable for free on this page and it delivers a customized finish that is consistent with your unique voice and reputation.

How to Use the Company Picnic Invitations Template

  • First, insert the company name. The Company Picnic Invitations can be customized to include a logo or special name to represent the event. Consider using a birthday, holiday or special occasion to centralize the picnic details around and create a unique title for the event.
  • Second, complete the fields that clarify the date, time and place the picnic will be held. Be sure to clarify the beginning time of the event, and the ending time of the picnic. Use the extra room provided to include additional details if needed.
  • Third, fill in the complete RSVP details. Include the phone number and email address of the person responsible for keeping track of the employees that do RSVP for the event. Be sure to indicate a time and date that all RSVP’s should be made by.
  • Fourth, be sure to save the company picnic invitation file and create a back up file of the final Company Picnic Invitations created. Save the file as an electronic file and print a copy on paper. Print a extra copy of the invitation and keep it in case additional copies are needed later.

Tips for Using the Company Picnic Invitations Template

  • First, consider a theme, holiday or occasion to centralize the Company Picnic Invitation around. A special symbol, song or slogan will draw excitement from employees.
  • Second, double check and re-verify all the dates, times, and addresses listed on the invitation. If any information is changed after the initial Company Picnic Invitations has been saved, be sure the changes are saved.
  • Third, save multiple copies in different formats so that the company picnic invitations may be opened using different devices like mobile phones or laptops, or using different software systems like word documents or PDF’s.

Download: Company Picnic Invitations