Community Meeting Agenda


Available here for download is a generic community meeting agenda template that you can use at your next get together. It is easy to use and will quickly give you a general outline for your next meeting. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this template and a few tips so that you can get the most out of this document as possible.

How to Use the Community Meeting Agenda Template

After you download and open the file, you will find it is executed by any software that can run Microsoft Word 2007 files. At the top, you have the title of community meeting. Below that and to the right, you have a place to put the date, time, and location of the meeting. Below that starts the body of the agenda. If follows the structure of most meetings by starting with a call to order, followed by a roll call, and then an approval of the last meeting’s minutes.

After that, it goes into the chairperson’s report. There are a couple of lines here to put specific items that are to be covered. Below that is the treasurer’s report and an area to put a couple of items that will be covered by them. Next is a place to discuss old business, then new business, followed by announcements about the calender, and, finally, adjournment. When completed, you will have a general outline for you community meeting that you can follow as you go.

Tips for Using the Community Meeting Agenda

This document can be edited any way you want to follow the order that you like for your meetings. You can add anything you like. If you have more than two items to be discussed by the chairperson, you can easily add more space to that part. If you have something special that you wish to do during the meeting, you can plan where to put it beforehand and follow the new agenda that you make.

As the meeting goes on, there is plenty of room to the right side of the community meeting agenda to add notes about anything you like. This will help when it comes to approving the last meeting’s minutes at next weeks meeting.

Feel free to download and use this community meeting agenda template for your next meeting. It is easy to use and can quickly give you a general outline of what is to be covered.

Download: Community Meeting Agenda