College Roommate Budget

College Roommate Budget

College Roommate Budget

Money can seem like the most important thing when you’re living the college life. Even the smallest amount of cash could mean having a great time with your friends or not. It’s also important when you’re establishing boundaries with your roommates. The free College Roommate Budget template was designed to help college roommates share the burden of the poor college lifestyle by splitting the bill perfectly by the number of roommates you have. The template is fun and really simple to set up too.

You’ll receive an Excel sheet that you can be customized to fit the number of people you’re living with.

The template displays a budget and the people responsible for spending at the very top of the page. Pooling your resources, you’ll find it easier than ever to live how you like when everyone pitches in for the things they need.

Using the College Roommate Budget

To download the free template, just click the link below.

Now, start by entering the names of all your roommates at the top of the page. Ignore the graph for now and move down to the table to start filling in your information.

Whenever you assign someone to pay for an expense, their name will be written in this table. Let’s go through an example. Let’s say it’s roommate 1’s turn to pay for the groceries.

You would enter the expense name (groceries), then the amount they spent, and the name of the person paying. You can also leave notes in this section if you need.

The information you enter into this monthly template will be taken and used in the graph above.

You can see how much each roommate has spent that month and decide later bills based on the data and the total amount spent below.

Using the College Roommate Budget template, you can keep everything neat and organized for more efficient spending while in college.

Download: College Roommate Budget