College Moving Checklist


College Moving Checklist Free

Some of the most exciting times in a person’s life take place during college. While there are so many enjoyable aspects that come along with college, there are also some stressful events. One of those events is moving into a new residence or dorm. However, you can remove some of the tension from your next move with the college moving checklist template from Microsoft.

The college moving checklist can give a student piece of mind as they prepare to move. Both college students and parents alike will also be happy to know that the college moving checklist is absolutely free. You can download, print and begin using the checklist immediately by clicking on the download link located on this page.

How to Use the Microsoft College Moving Checklist

The college moving checklist comes in the form of an easy-to-use and understand Microsoft Excel template. All aspects of the template are customizable and can be altered in a way that is better fits your needs.

The body of the college moving checklist is split up in to four sections. The sections include the name of the item, the category the item belongs in, the total number of the item, and a space for whether or not the item has been packed.

The college moving checklist also includes a tracker that monitors your packing progress. In addition, the checklist template includes packing tips, such as packing clothes separately, marking containers for easier unpacking, and wrapping shoes in plastic to prevent marking up clothes. You can also add your school logo as well as the school year to the template.

You can make your next move a little less stressful with the Microsoft college moving checklist. Download and print the college moving checklist for free from this page today!

Download: College Moving Checklist