College Graduate Resume


It is important to have a College Graduate Resume and available here is a template that will make it simple and professional. It is easy to use and you will be done in no time. Here is a quick little step-by-step on how to use this document and a couple tips that might help you get hired.

Tips for Using the College Graduate Resume Template

Opening the file you download will load any software that is compatible with Microsoft Word 2003. The first step is taking out [Your Name] and replacing the name your mother gave you. Below that is a little personal information to fill out including your address, phone number, and e-mail.

In the next section to the right of Summary, enter facts about you that would make the employer want to hire you. Give them reasons to pick your application out of the rest and hire you. The Education section is where you put the diplomas you received and make sure you do not forget to put the year you received them on the right side.

Career History & Accomplishments is the section you will enter your previous positions, information about the employer, and a bullet pointed list of things that you did at each company. Memberships & Affiliations is where you can show off awards and affiliation with any groups.

Making the Most of the College Graduate Resume Template

Make sure to include as much information as you can on your college graduate resume that shows why this employer should hire you. You can even update this part for each application to better fit the position that you are applying for. Emphasize a specific skill set you have to show the employer you know what is going on and that you will be able to handle the job at hand. If you are having problems coming up with awards or group affiliations, go join some clubs and get active in your community. Employers like to see employees with good healthy activities filling their lives.

If you have a longer work history, choose the three most relevant to the job that you are applying for. This will show them that you have experience in the field you are applying for.

The College Graduate Resume template can help you make a great looking, professional resume in less than 15 minutes. It is free and you can download it here. When you snag that job that you have always wanted you will be glad you did.

Download: College Graduate Resume