Coaching Resume Template


Free Coaching Resume Template

The Coaching Resume Template that is available on this page will have you in that new position in no time. It is easy to use and when coupled with your personal information becomes a very powerful tool. Here is a quick look at how to use this Coaching Resume Template and some tips to land that job.

Using the Coaching Resume Template

Download the file and open it. Any software that can open files made in Microsoft Word 2003 will execute the file and you will be ready to go.

First, fill out your personal information in the fields between [YOUR NAME] and [e-mail] with your name, current mailing address, and your contact information. The next step is to fill out the Summary of Qualifications area with information that shows that you are capable of handling the job that you are applying for.

The section by the name of Coaching Highlights/Complete Work can be filled with the years that you coached and the teams that you coached for as well as information regarding awards that you or the team may have won. The Record of Statistics area features an spreadsheet filled with information regrading your history with the teams that you coached for.

Tips for Using the Coaching Resume Template

The Coaching Resume Template is a quick way to make it look good, but what you put on it is what will really get you the job. In the Summary of Qualifications section you will want to really showcase yourself and your abilities. Show the team’s hiring crew that you are fully capable of handling everything and that you know what you are doing. Highlight any awards, achievements or championships that show you can help the organization.

The bottom section is a showcase of all that you have accomplished and statistics that show off how well you have done previously at coaching. Put that information proudly and forget modesty for a minute. You need to prove your self worth to them and show that you will work hard to win.

The Coaching Resume Template that you can download here makes it simple to get your resume together. You will be giving out signs at third base in no time after they took a look at all that you have done and all that you can do for them.

Download: Coaching Resume Template