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Free Clock Template

Creating professional presentations that convey both the information and the mood intended by the presenter can be tricky, especially when the information is time sensitive. Save time while subtly reminding viewers of project time constraints with the customizable Clock Template Power Point Document available free on this site. The template comes with a pre-formatted title slide and body slides to alleviate formatting concerns and make creating a professional looking presentation quick, easy, and painless.

How to Use the Clock Template PowerPoint Document

  • First, download the free, easy to use Clock Template PowerPoint Document from this page.
  • Second, choose a fitting title for the presentation and pick out a few major points to highlight. Use this information to fill in the title slide and body slide headers. Duplicate the formatted body slides as needed to fit the presentation information.
  • Third, add bullet sub-points to the body slides to clarify the major points. Add or remove bullet points from body slides as needed to fit the desired information. Create additional slides with the same heading if the supporting points for one major point will not easily fit on a single slide without changing the formatting such as spacing or font size.

Tips for Using the Clock Template PowerPoint Document

  • If one major point seems considerably larger than the others or is taking up an excessive number of slides, consider splitting that point into two or more major points to make the presentation flow more smoothly.
  • Proofread the finished project carefully. Typographical errors look unprofessional and can be distracting to viewers during the presentation.
  • Load the finished document onto the computer that will be used for the presentation before the actual presentation time to be sure all formatting displays properly. If possible, view the presentation on the screen from the viewers perspective. Pay special attention to text legibility. If it is difficult to read, consider selecting a simpler font or using a larger font size.

Creating a professional presentation should be simple. Use the Clock Template PowerPoint Document available on this site to remove the stress and make building a polished presentation quick and easy.

Download: Clock Template