Classroom Rules Template


The Classroom Rules Template

Every classroom requires a set of rules for students to follow. These rules need to be printed out using a Classroom Rules Template and placed somewhere visible to ensure that they serve as a continued reminder of the quality of work and behavior expected from each student throughout the year.

The rules not only set the guidelines for the class, they allow others who are visiting the room, be they parents, other teachers or administrators, to know exactly the level of work and respect required from the students who attend. Visibly displayed class rules printed from a Classroom Rules Template also create organization and order so that students are able to learn in a structured and focused environment.

The Benefits of Using the Classroom Rules Template

The Classroom Rules Template is quick and easy-to-use, making it a convenient way for teachers to prepare their guidelines for the school year. It is available on this page for free download and ready for immediate use. The template is also fully customizable so that rules can be tailored to the teacher’s individual needs and overall structure of the classroom.

Included in the Classroom Rules Template are slides for hall rules, lunchtime rules, our promises and our agreement, allowing the teacher to outline the behavior and standards expected for each part of the school day. Once the template has been downloaded, simply fill in each subject field with the desired text and the customized rules are ready to be printed.

Tips for Using the Classroom Rules Template

  • Download the template for free from this page. Save the file and begin work.
  • Fill in each customizable field with the desired rules, guidelines, standards and agreements for the classroom. Think about the expectations for the class and the goals set to be achieved for the coming school year.
  • Print out all slides in the template. Consider laminating for protection and longer use.
  • Hang slides in appropriate and visible locations throughout the classroom. Consider placing classroom template near the front of the room, the lunchroom rules by the door where students line up for lunch, the hall slide near the exit for the school hallways, and the our agreement and our promises slide in some other prominent and often used section of the classroom.
  • Refer to slides often during the school day to help students remember the rules and agreements.

This free download is an easily accessible method of preparing customized classroom guidelines and is perfect for any grade or subject.

Download: Classroom Rules Template