Christmas Notecards


Free Christmas Notecards

Christmas is a time of family and cheer. Not stress. Don’t worry about running to the drug store for those last-minute Christmas cards. With a Christmas Notecards template, it’s just a matter of a few clicks and they’re off to the post office!

Easily Install and Customize Your Own Christmas Notecards Template

This Christmas Notecard template is free and simple to use! After installation is complete, you can customize the notecards any way you like, and it’s all done right here.

Installing Your Christmas Notecards Template

  • Simply click on the link to get the installation started.
  • After installation is complete, search your computer for the document.
  • Double click the file, and the template will open in your computer’s word processing program. Now you are ready to start making your notecards!

Customize Your Christmas Notecards Template

You’ll find that there are several ways for you to customize your notecards with the Christmas Notecards Template.

  • Utilize the tools found in your word processor to add your own shapes and colors. There is also an option to add a ‘text box’ to the template in your word program. Utilize this if you would rather type your greetings than write them.
  • Each notecard comes with a standard greeting, which can be customized or deleted. You will find that each aspect of the notecards can be customized, simply by double clicking where you are wanting to do the customizations. You truly are the one in control with these simple templates.

Print and Finish Your Christmas Notecards Template

  • Simply go to ‘file’ then ‘print’, or press the ‘Command’ (Mac) or ‘Start’ (PC) + P on your keyboard for a shortcut.
  • Be sure the correct printer is selected and designate the number of copies you would like. If only one copy, the printer will print two pages; one for the cover and one for the inside text. Each card is 4.25 x 5.5 inch (A2 size).
  • Stick them in an envelope, and you’re done! You can even send the finished product via email to get it where it needs to go that much faster.

This Christmas Notecards template is free and easy to use. Don’t stress over those last-minute Christmas cards when you can create and customize your own holiday greetings, right here!

Download: Christmas Notecards