Christmas Card Template


Free Christmas Card Template

This season, make Christmas cards more personal for the special guests that will attend the party. With a Christmas Card template, users can have the pleasure of designing their own intimate invitations right from their own desktop. Skip out on buying multiple cards when you can create a sleek and impressive design within minutes using the Christmas Card template right from your own home.

Using the Christmas Card Template

The Christmas Card template is so easy to use, amateur and experienced computer users will be surprised at how professional their cards will turn out with a few clicks of a button. To access this must-have template, users can download the template from this page for free. Plus, users can customize their own cards to meet more specific holiday gathering or parties after mastering this cool Christmas Card template.

To get started, users must have Microsoft Word 2003 or later installed on their PC or laptop. Otherwise, users must have easy access to this program in efforts to design their template. The Christmas Card downloads within seconds and is immediately ready for use.

  • The Card template opens to a beautiful rouge red design featuring mistletoe and ribbons of gold. The host of the party or event places their name in bold gold letters at the center bottom of the card.
  • For 8.5″ by 11″ card paper, the user can place a special invitation message on the second page of the card.
  • Next, the user can place their contact information, followed by their address, time, date, and where at the bottom of the second or third page.
  • Once all information has been correctly formatted, the user can save and print the cards for use.
  • Using the correct paper for the Christmas Card template, users can then fold the cards length-wise and place into envelopes.

Extra Custom tips for the Christmas Card:

  1. Depending on how many people you wish to invite to the Christmas party, it is a good idea to begin creating cards a couple weeks in advance.
  2. Changing color schemes of the card background or ribbon can add a personalized touch to the overall design.
  3. If step 2 is not necessarily appeasing, changing the font of the invitation to a cursive design always adds sophistication and style to any card or design.
  4. These cards are made to be printed, but can also be emailed.

Download: Christmas Card Template