Chore Chart Template


Screenshot of the Chore Chart Template

Every family understands the difficulty in dividing up chores and trying to get everyone to participate fairly. This is especially difficult with small children. Often times, small children do not really understand what is expected of them when it comes to family and household chores. One of the easiest ways to help your little ones understand their role in the family is with a chore chart template. Our chore chart template can help the little members of the family visualize exactly what needs to be done.

Why a Chore Chart Template Can Help

The bright colors and easy to decipher text on this chart are just right for youngsters. The template is available for free on this page. This chart also includes pictures to illustrate the noted chores so that kids who are not reading yet will still be able to use this great tool.

The chart is divided up into individual days of the week so that the child understands what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis. The chores listed on this chore chart template are simple tasks that emphasize personal responsibility in the home. This is a great way to introduce even your youngest toddler to the idea of pitching in around the house.

Tips for Using the Chore Chart Template

Here are some tips for using the chore chart template:

  • Print Clearly – When printing this chart make sure it is printed clearly in color. The colorfulness of this chart is an important aspect of its effectiveness. The print quality of your chart is also important because if the chart is not printed clearly your child may not be able to decipher exactly what task he needs to accomplished.
  • Use Stickers – You can increase the effectiveness of this chart by adding a fun sticker to each day that your child successfully completes all of their tasks. This also helps to build your child’s confidence on a daily basis. When your child feels confident about his accomplishments he will attempt to do even better the next time. Some children also feel more confident to help with bigger more complicated tasks when they can visually see the success of their past efforts.
  • Plan a Reward – Plan some type of simple reward to help encourage your child to accomplish all of their tasks for the entire week. For instance perhaps you could have a special movie night for the children that receive a sticker on each day of the chore chart template.

Download: Chore Chart Template