Chef Resume Template


Free Chef Resume Template

Whether you are a master chef or a sous chef looking for a new position, the Chef Resume Template for Microsoft Word is one of the most useful templates that you will come across for free online. Downloadable from this page, the template works for Microsoft Word 2003 and later. Many resumes utilize either chronological or functional work history as a method of organization. The Chef Resume is a little of both, with functional work history featured and chronology of work detailed below. This design is in keeping with the latest in research showing that hiring managers prefer to see the information organized this way.

The template is also very customizable, so that you can personalize the look and feel as much as you like.

How to Use the Chef Resume Template Word Document

  • Open the chef resume template and make changes to the basic information by sharing your name, address, and other contact details that you would like to incorporate.
  • Add a functional history that describes all of the skills that you have been using professionally and how good you are at each type of skill in terms of both experience and expertise. You can use the sample data as an example of how functional descriptions are typically formatted.
  • Add your work history in chronological order. After you have listed your former employers like the sample data shows, you can then add the details of your work history.

Tips for Using the Chef Resume Template Word Document

  • Consider adding a picture of yourself if you want your resume to stand out. In the United States, it is definitely not necessary to add a picture, yet they are becoming more popular because it allows people to know which you you are. In other words, because employers often check you out online before they interview you by doing a search, if you send a picture that is pretty close to your online pictures, then they can tell which person that shares the same name as you is actually you.
  • If you have any awards that you won at individual workplaces, you can add them after your work history for that particular place.
  • The Chef Resume Template is a prime candidate for lamination once you are done. That way, if the hiring manager is in the kitchen when they review it, there can be no accidents.

Download: Chef Resume Template