Change of Address Postcard


Free Change of Address Postcard

Moving within the same state or to another coast can be a difficult process for any family. What’s more, the hardest situation can be stressful to keep in touch with all of the friends and family members in the first location. With the anxiety of losing old friends and forgetting to contact family or important business partners, colleagues, or clients, the Change of Address Postcard makes everything about keeping touch so much easier. Using this template is less hassle than making multiple phone calls, and has the elegance of intimacy that all special connections deserve.

Using the Change of Address Postcard Template

The Change of Address Postcard Template is free for all users to download by clicking on the link provided by this page. The template is presented on a background with up to four 4.25″ by 5.5″ Change of Address Postcard templates. The template hosts a moving slogan and lighthearted design fitting for the occasion. From a new business location or entirely new house address, the Change of Address Postcard template is made super easy to use, customize and print in within minutes. To get started, here are the directions listed below:

  • In order to access the template, all users must have Microsoft Word 2003 or later installed on their PC laptop.
  • The downloading process takes under two minutes to complete on most PC’s or laptops. Once downloaded, the template immediately opens for custom use.
  • On the front of the card, the user must insert the company or family name into the ‘We’re Moving’ feature slogan. This helps give the recipient the immediate understanding of what the later information will entail.
  • On the back side of the postcard, the user must fill out the new address and contact information for the recipient. If the user plans to host a housewarming party, they may also include the details.
  • To customize, the user can insert a picture of themselves, their new state or country location, or even change the font or color to make the card more appealing to their preferences.
  • Once complete, the user can save the template to a special folder and print as many postcards as desired. Also, the user can email specific postcards to a particular recipient all with the click of a button.

Once all of the above steps are completed, the user can duplicate or modernize the Change of Address Postcard template as needed.

Download: Change of Address Postcard