Change Numbers to Dollars

Change Numbers to Dollars

Change Numbers to Dollars

Learn how to change numbers to dollars in Excel using a simple formula. When you import number data, or quickly type in number entries, you may lose the formatting of currency. This simple function will change a set of numbers to match the layout of dollars.

Download the example spreadsheet to try it yourself.

In the example, your goal is to take the numbers in the yearly salary section and change them into dollar format in the “Formatted Salary” section.

Click cell D3 and enter:


This tells Excel to take the number data from cell C3 and format it in cell D3. It will not change what is entered in the C column.

To use this formula throughout the spreadsheet, you don’t to enter the formula multiple times. Select cell D3 and grab the corner marker and drag it down to cell D9. This will take all the information from the C column and format it in the D column.