Certificate of Participation Template


Screenshot the Certificate of Participation Template

The Certificate of Participation Template available to download on this page can save you time the next time you decide to have an award ceremony. It is very easy to use and is fully customizable to fit the occasion. Follow this how-to guide for a reference on how to use this file and read the tips to make your awards stand out.

How to Use the Certificate of Participation Template

When you open the download on this page, software that is compatible with PowerPoint 2003 will execute it. Now that you have the file open, you can begin modifying it to your liking. The first step is to change the text “Click to add title” to the name of the recipient. Next, you can add information about what was completed to take place of the text “Click to add subtitle.”

There is an area at the bottom you can add a seal to as well. Once you have done that, your Certificate of Participation Template has been completed. You can print it out and use it as you see fit but if you want to do more with it then read on through the tips.

Tips on Using the Certificate of Participation Template

If you save this file on your computer you can reuse it at a later time when you give out another award of the same type. You could even change the type of award it is by changing the “Certificate of Participation” at the top and the for the successful completion of to something that better fits the award you want to give.

Another good idea is adding the logo or team mascot of the company or school on the left side of the document and a picture of the individual who is to receive the award on the right. Once you have printed it out, you can add a wax seal on the bottom if you have access to it. A good idea is to laminate this document so it will last for a longer time and look more professional.

The Certificate of Participation Template is so easy to use and to customize as well. You can use the link below to download the file and use it any way you want. It will save you time now and in the future by doing most of the hard work of designing the award and creating it from scratch.

Download: Certificate of Participation Template