Certificate of Completion Template


The Certificate Of Completion Template

A certificate of completion is always a great thing to show off when you complete a course. It could certify your completion for a class or a course that may have bettered your job skills. For instructors and employers, sometimes they use fancy paper or printing to make the certificate look sophisticated. With the Certificate of Completion template, this will save the issuer a lot of money. And best of all, if they want to make it “look fancy,” they can always customize it to their liking. This template can be accessed by Microsoft Powerpoint.

How To Use The Certificate of Completion Template

Download the template from our website. The template will automatically be saved after downloading, however save another copy for backup. Access Microsoft Powerpoint to access the template. Fill out the necessary information. Since this is a template for a certificate, add the name of the institution or company that offers the class. Spaces are provided to list the company’s name, name of the person receiving the certificate and the course. Spaces are provided for signatures and date of completion.

If you choose, you can design it to your liking. There are different colors, designs and borders that will make your certificate of completion template stand out.

Tips For Using The Certificate Of Completion Template

Certificates of Completion can look bland at times. If you want to, you can be able to add clip art or an illustration to make the certificate a bit more eye-catching and creative. You can also use stickers to make it look a bit more decorative.

While many print off the certificate of completion with the signature space blank, some save a bit more time by typing in their name. Some websites also have a signature generator. There are preset signature templates that can be copied and pasted to the signature space.

When filing out the certificate of completion template, always save backup files of each certificate in the event of a technical error or power outage. It is better to pick up where you left off than start over.

Download: Certificate Of Completion Template