Certificate of Appreciation Template


Make use of this free, downloadable Certificate of Appreciation template to reward outstanding behavior from students, employees, or, quite frankly, anyone deserving of official recognition on paper. The Certificate of Appreciation template comes with a stately border, a small medal clip art image, and a presentation of default text including the awarded individual’s name, as well as the party presenting the award.

Using the Certificate of Appreciation Template

The Certificate of Appreciation template is a hassle free layout where you can literally fill in the blanks to suit your award distributing needs. It is especially useful in that all the defaulted text, images, and general appearance of the template are completely open for customization. This means that you can alter the template as much as you wish to fit your preferences and award giving specification.

After downloading the template, you can easily adjust the text’s font, its size and also its placement according to your needs. Since the text which comes with the template automatically is written mostly as placeholders, the chance of you modifying the text is highly probable.

Fortunately, the process of text adjustment is simple, and works just like any other word processing system. Simply highlight and rewrite. The template also comes with a date and a line for a signature along with the award winner and giver’s names. These details can also be altered according to your specific event.

You can make virtually any modification to the Certificate of Appreciation template with ease. If you really want to, you can even change the clip art image, the color scheme, and the border as well.

The best thing about the Certificate of Appreciation template is that it is completely free of charge to download, and you can download it here with a click of a button. You can have an award ready to go in literally only a few minutes for any occasion.

Reward an employee for outstanding work performance, or give your child a boost with a thoughtful certificate of recognition. The Certificate of Appreciation template exists as a versatile option for any special awarding. Download it today for absolutely no price.

Download: Certificate of Appreciation Template