Cause and Effect Diagram


Cause and Effect Diagram

The Microsoft cause and effect diagram can help you visually explain what events directly led to a specific outcome. This unique tool allows students to explain historical events, and businesses to explain their successes and failures.

The cause and effect diagram template is available as a free download right here on this page. It downloads in a matter of seconds and is ready to use right out of the box!

Instructions for Using the Cause and Effect Diagram

The cause and effect template comes in the form of a Microsoft Visio file. For display and instructional purposes, the cause and effect diagram template available on this page lays out the historical cause and effect of the American Civil War. This example gives you a clear layout of what a properly completed cause and effect diagram will look like.

The first step in filling out the cause and effect diagram is to add your own title to the document. To do this, simply double-click the existing title and input your own. Next, you can take an overview of the diagram. This type of diagram is also known as a “fishbone” diagram and is perfect for using in the board room as well as the classroom.

As designed, there are four cause buttons positioned on the cause and effect diagram. These causes eventually lead to the effect button at the end of the document. To edit a cause button, you will again double-click the respective buttons and input your information. Repeat this process until all of the information leads to the effect.

As you work with the template, keep in mind that every aspect of the cause and effect diagram can be modified and customized. Feel free to personalize the diagram to meet the needs of your project.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Document the reasons why with the free cause and effect diagram from Microsoft and Template Haven today!

Download: Cause and Effect Diagram