Cause and Effect Chart


Problems come up every day in business, and trivial and serious issues that can affect how well the company is run. Understandably, an organization’s goal at that point is to identify the problem and determine a solution as soon as possible to reduce the damage. A cause and effect chart allows a troubleshooting team to identify and analyze the issue by laying out the possible causes and the related effects.

In doing so, the cause and effect template helps companies discover a viable solution and continue on with business. Ideally, companies operate successfully without trouble. Realistically, organizations use a cause and effect chart to solve problems and return to making their business a success.

Customizing the Cause and Effect Chart

Businesses can easily customize a cause and effect template to fit the company’s specific needs. As this template is a work in progress, there is no problem too large or complex as the chart allows teams to look at every possible cause and effect related to the issue. All one has to do is download the chart to begin troubleshooting any problem the business is facing.

How to Use the Cause and Effect Template

  • To use a cause and effect chart in Visio, open the “File” menu, select “New” followed by “Business” and click on “Cause and Effect Diagram.” This will open a drawing page with a basic chart.
  • To enter the problem or effect, click on the horizontal arrow, or the spine, and type.
  • To add a cause, select a “Category 1” or “Category 2” box to the drawing page, positioning the category box with the arrow connected to the spine.

Tips for Using the Cause and Effect Chart

  • Identify the problem, not the symptoms. One cannot move forward and develop a solution until the problem is correctly identified.
  • Brainstorming is an effect tool when using a cause and effect template. This helps troubleshooting teams determine what factors are involved, whether they are external forces, equipment, systems or something else.
  • Use sticky notes when contemplating various causes of the problem. This allows the team to group related or similar causes together to gain a more complete view of the problem, possible causes and resulting effects.

A cause and effect template is the ideal tool for troubleshooting teams to keep companies working trouble free.

Download: Cause and Effect Chart