Cash Flow Projection


Every successful business has one thing in common: the ability to accurately forecast its cash flow. Good cash flow management not only helps to keep a business running smoothly but also enables a business to be on top of its finances at all times. Since cash flow projection is an estimate of the expected cash flowing in and out of a business for a period of time, business organizations can use this estimate to plan into the future. Thus, a cash flow forecast is essential to making critical decisions that can make or mar the success of a business. A business can use a cash flow projection template Word document to prepare its cash flow forecast.

Although the information on a cash flow projection document is essentially the same for different companies, business organizations should have tailor-made cash flow forecast template that can meet the unique demands of their business. Since the needs of every business are unique and different, the cash flow forecast template should, therefore, be different. So, businesses should customize their cash flow forecast document in order to meet the unique needs of their business.

How To Use a Cash Flow Projection Template

  1. Download the cash flow forecast template Word document. The template is available free on this page and you can download the template right away.
  2. After successfully downloading the template, you can customize the worksheet to suit the unique and specific needs of your business organization. By adding or removing rows and columns in the worksheet, you can modify the worksheet in order to suit your business demands.
  3. Once you are through with customizing the cash flow forecast worksheet, you can start entering figures of the expected income and expenses of your business on a weekly or monthly basis.
  4. The worksheet will display cash flow projections that fall below the figure estimated for a specific period in red.
  5. With the cash flow forecast worksheet, you can view at a glance the monthly chart balance showing the income, expenses, and cash balance of your business organization for every month.

Tips on Using a Cash Flow Projection Template Word Document

In order to make the cash flow projection template Word document valuable to your business, you need to regularly update the data on the template, at least on a monthly basis. You can use concrete financial information gotten from bills and account figures, receipts, and checks to update the cash flow template word document. By regularly update the cash forecast template, you will be able to monitor the cash flow of your business, thereby making you to stay on top of the cash situation in your business.

Download: Cash Flow Projection