Career Planning Checklist


Free Career Planning Checklist

If you’re thinking about your future, it’s never too early or too late to start. The best thing to do is have a clearly defined plan or checklist to know where you want to be in your career. Over time, if necessary, you can tweak your Career Planning Checklist to help you meet your goals.

The career planning checklist is great to use if you are completing high school or college. It forces you to identify what you want to do for your career and the necessary steps you must take to achieve it. in the end, you will have a well mapped out plan.

How to Use the Career Planning Checklist

This career planning checklist is so easy to use. You can download it free from here, which is perfect for college students short on cash. This career planning checklist is fully customizable in Excel.

Part 1: Self-Assessment
The self-assessment allows you to rank yourself in terms of personal success, strengths and weaknesses, interest and talents you have, and what you feel are areas for growth.

Part 2: Assess Opportunities
You will now assess the opportunities that await you such as jobs you hold an interest in, interview options, and reviewing business strategies.

Part 3: Analyze Your Self-Assessment and Research
Here, you will review your self-assessment portion and see how that helps define where you are at landing a specific position. After listing what you’d like to accomplish, you need to develop your skills necessary to succeed.

Part 4: Build Skills and Personal Development
This step involves taking the necessary steps to get you to your career goal. You have many opportunities such as training, attending seminars, networking, and getting involved with your community. There is also an area to list any development needs you’ll still have.

Part 5: Evaluate, Review, and Update
This section serves as a reminder to have someone review your Career Planning Checklist with you once complete. Consult with someone you trust such as a professor or supervisor as they may have taken the path you need already. Review your checklist and update as necessary as you may have learned other options along the way.

The Career Planning Checklist found here is a great way to progress to your career goals in an organized manner.

Download: Career Planning Checklist