Car Wash Flyer Template


Car Wash Flyer Template screenshot

There comes a time when every organization needs to raise funds for one reason or another. Of all the potential ways to help a non-profit, school athletics team, or any other organization raise money hosting a car wash is the most popular. Car wash fundraisers are so popular for a reason; they work! However, the only way to host a successful car wash and raise money is to advertise using an effective car wash flyer template.

How to Use the Car Wash Flyer Template in Publisher

This Microsoft Publisher car wash flyer template is free and easy to use in just two steps. In addition, it is bright, colorful, and certain to catch anyone’s eye. The first step is to download this free document. Next, customize the document with the date, time, location, and the name of the organization hosting the car wash.
The date and time are positioned front and center for ideal marketing purposes and the organization name is at the bottom. Add any additional information into the center of the document such as the purpose of the car wash.

The next step is to print and distribute the flyer. It is helpful to print multiple copies then distribute it to nearby homes and businesses. It is also a good idea to supply copies of the car wash flyer template to the organization that is attempting to raise funds. Employees and volunteers of the organization can then hand out flyers to friends and family members who are likely to support them.

Tips for Using the Car Wash Flyer Template in Publisher

  • Be sure to include the purpose of the car wash in the blank field in the center. For example, all proceeds from this car wash will go towards purchasing new uniforms for the girls’ lacrosse team. Whatever the reason for the event, providing potential customers with a purpose is vital.
  • Distribute flyers to everyone and anyone. It is important to advertise effectively in order to have a successful car wash and the more people who are aware of the event, the more people will actually show up to have their car washed.
  • Choose a date and time to include on the car wash flyer template when most community members will be able to attend. For instance, many people have a lunch break when they could drive over to have their car washed. Weekends are also generally a safe bet.

Download: Car Wash Flyer Template