Cancellation Letter Template


Free Cancellation Letter Template

Nothing lasts forever and that includes insurance policies, magazine subscriptions, cable services, invoices and club memberships. When you’re ready to say goodbye some companies want a formal letter as proof. This is called a cancellation letter, and there is a cancellation letter template made for this purpose. If you don’t know what to say or how to say it the cancellation letter template will give you a head start on how to approach this situation. However, you can’t use the template as is. It needs tweaking, and we can show you how it’s done.

Steps to use the Cancellation Letter Template

Remove phrases and words with brackets surrounding it and replace those with your information in the appropriate spots. That includes the heading, salutation, body and signature. If you want to change the complimentary close to something else do so. Proofread and spellcheck. Print the completed template. Proofread once more. Sign the document with an official signature. It feels more formal and professional than an electronic signature or your name typed in cursive font. Keep a copy for your records. You’re free to use this Cancellation Letter Template provided on the page for free. Not only is it free to download it is customizable and easy to use.

Tips to use the Cancellation Letter Template

  • State the matter clearly, politely and with firmness. Know what you want, be professional and courteous, and don’t waiver. Misunderstandings are not acceptable.
  • Include today’s date, company name, your contact information and account number.
  • Explain what you want the company to do through bullet points, such as this. It looks organized and is easier to follow through than writing it down in paragraph format.
  • As far as automatic charges made to your account (automatic bank withdrawals, automatic credit card charges, etc), tell them not to make any additional charges to their account. Pay all remaining balances owed with a check.
  • If you would like to have confirmation that they got your letter let them know that you want written confirmation or have it confirmed through email. Add your email address in the letter if you want an email confirmation.

Download: Cancellation Letter Template