Camping Checklist


Free Camping Checklist

When one goes camping, there is a mood of both excitement and stress. Far away from home, it is the worst to find that you forgot something at home. Camping is fun, but the preparation for it can be frustrating, and forgetting something can ruin a trip! To fix this issue, there is a camping checklist available for those who need assistance in organization when packing to go on a camping trip.

Camping Checklist Template: Don’t Pack Without It!

Available for download right here on this page, this spreadsheet can assist you when packing for a tent camping or RV trip. To make sure you don’t forget anything, including essentials, this list includes shelter, gear, clothing, and first-aid, among other aspects. Each category is divided among themselves, with subcategories below them.

For example, bed sheets, blankets, and towels are listed under linens and shelter. It includes an organized view of the days stayed and what one will eat for each meal of the day, as well as snack and available leftovers. The camping checklist is to be used to begin organized and stay that way throughout your trip for an easy experience.

This document is free for download and printing to ensure ease of access. One can edit this camping checklist template to however they please, including less or more items available for checking off. You can add listing items, days and meal plans, and miscellaneous. Even though it is a structured template, it can be changed to whatever you need it for! It can be even adapted for other types of vacations like a beach or mountain getaway. It is well-organized and easy to use. When looking at it, there is no confusion on where to check off items or where to add them. The camping checklist is colored but can be printed in black and white.

Camping Checklist Tips and Tricks

  • Print the template out a week in advance for maximum organization
  • Add days, parties, and items to the template to increase efficiency
  • Take template shopping to make sure you buy everything you need
  • Have it available when packing the truck/RV especially
  • Lay out items in the categories listed on the template for easy access
  • Delete and replace some categories if they do not apply to your trip
  • Change template food choices into refrigerated and non-perishable