Business Trip Checklist

Business Trip Checklist

Business Trip Checklist

Business Trip Checklist

Heading out to a convention or conference for a business trip can be a welcome break from staying in the office all day. However if you don’t prepare correctly for the trip, the break can quickly turn sour. With the Business Trip Checklist, you’ll have a one page, easy to read summary of everything you’ll need to do before you leave.

How to use the Business Trip Checklist

Download the checklist and open it into your Word program to view it on your computer, or print it out.

The first portion contains everything you’ll need to do in the weeks leading up to your business trip. Review your calendar to re-schedule calls, meetings, and appointments so no one is left hanging. Make sure all daily agendas and important documents are printed and given to someone in the office, and finish or put on hold any in-progress projects.

Besides in-office obligations, you’ll also want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the area you’re traveling to. Stepping out of the airport and having no idea where your hotel is can put a damper on your trip. To ensure everything is in order, call a day or two before the trip to confirm your hotel’s address, meetings, and travel times.

It isn’t just the office you need to think of, but your home too. Plan a few weeks before you leave any child or pet care you’ll need, and leave your house and cars with a trusted friend or family member in case of an emergency. Of course, don’t forget to lock up before you head out for your trip!

Find out ahead of time what sort of attire you’ll need for the business trip. Consider weather conditions, meeting expectations, and how you want to present yourself. Keep everything in a carry-on bag if you’re able to, as lost luggage isn’t rare when traveling.

Finally, ensure that you’re prepared for anything. Carry a copy of important addresses and phone numbers in case your phone dies, and make sure your family has your hotel address and room number too. Bring cash for any emergencies, and your insurance cards. Even a one day trip can turn into a disaster if something goes awry.

Be prepared. Download the Business Trip Checklist through the link below and feel safe in your travels. This template is provided courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: Business Trip Checklist template