Business Travel Plan Template


screenshot of the Business Travel Plan Template

The Business Travel Plan Template is a useful tool for employees who need to keep track of their travel plans. The Business Travel Plan Template is free and quick and easy to download. The program can be saved in Microsoft Visio, a diagramming and vector graphics application, which is part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

The template can be used for business or leisure travel and customized to suit your individual or company needs. The template can be especially useful if your company has a group of employees, for example, who are all traveling to a distant location for a marketing conference. A page can be created for each employee and printed and distributed or emailed so that each employee has a detailed itinerary.

Using the Business Travel Plan Template

In the Business Travel Plan Template, there are fields for flights, car rentals and hotels. For example, with the flight field, all the important details can be listed regarding the name of the airline, flight number, airport, departure and arrival times. If the flight has been booked on a company credit card then there is a field for the confirmation number to aid the traveler with check in requirements.

The car rental field has all the relevant fields necessary to locate the car rental office, including a field for the company’s phone number. Information can be entered regarding the pickup time, return time and rate being charged.

The Business Travel Plan Template has a field for hotel information. The hotel name, address and rate can be added. Also, important information regarding check in and out dates and times can be entered.

Travelers can make several copies of this itinerary in case one is mislaid. A copy can be saved to a traveler’s laptop, Ipad or phone or print copies to keep in a purse or briefcase. Having multiple copies of an itinerary takes much of the stress out of traveling.

On the header of the business travel plan template, there is a space to add important notes. Travelers may need information regarding transportation from the airport to the conference they are attending. If the traveler is not renting a car, bus or taxi rates, could be added to the important notes with other information regarding frequency of buses and length of time to the destination.

The Business Travel Plan Template will be an excellent tool for business and leisure travelers to organize their business trip or vacation plans.

Download: Business Travel Plan Template