Business Strategy PowerPoint Template


If you are presented with the opportunity to create a PowerPoint presentation you may be nervous or lost. That is no longer a problem with the downloadable Business Strategy PowerPoint Template. This template is a great guide for someone presenting an actual Business strategy to an Executive Committee. It comes outlined and formatted to present an organizations vision, goals and solutions to a stated problem.

How to Use the Business Strategy PowerPoint Template

  • This template offers a lot of value for a beginner putting together a PowerPoint presentation. It’s free and customizable. You can download this template here.
  • The master slide is set up with a blue background and a skyscraper peeks from the left side of the template.
  • On the first screen you can update the text as your presentation opener.
  • The next slide starts off with a Vision Statement where you will outline your organizations long term direction.
  • Next, list your organizations goals and objectives on the Business Strategy PowerPoint Template.
  • The next two slides describe the current situation and how your organization arrived there.
  • This next slide is an overview of your organizations alternative strategies highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each. This is also where you will list cost analysis.
  • The last slide is going over the recommended strategies and the organizations next steps.

Tips for Using the Business Strategy PowerPoint Template

  • This can be altered for any presentation, not necessarily just for a Business Strategy.
  • You can change the design of the Business Strategy PowerPoint Template by navigating to the menu option ”Format” and select “Design Template”. This will be the master slide.
  • At the bottom of each slide there is a section to add notes.
  • To add additional slides select from the menu option “Insert” and select “New Slide”
  • If you have a slide that is a continuation from the prior slide you can duplicate the content by selecting from the menu option “Insert” and select “Duplicate”.

The Business Strategy PowerPoint Template is a general template that can get you started and present a fresh idea for template designs.

Download: Business Strategy PowerPoint Template