Business Inventory


Business Inventory Template

Businesses exist for one purpose and one purpose only: to make money. For most businesses some of that money is tied up in inventory. It is vitally important to track inventory for a variety of reasons. Businesses must know if they need to reorder certain items in order to keep their customers happy. Also, by tracking inventory, a business can look for shrinkage or loss.

Keeping track of inventory can consume many hours and be time consuming and difficult. However, having the right systems in place can ease this burden. One such system is the Business Inventory Template for Excel, available for free on this page.

Getting the Most out of your Business Inventory Template

In order to achieve the best results with your new template, download the file into your Excel Template folder. This folder can be located by:

  • Opening Excel
  • Clicking the Tools menu
  • Selecting Options
  • Clicking File Locations
  • Looking for the Template folder

Once you have this template saved in your Template folder, open MS Excel. Select New from the menu and then choose From Template. Next, choose Business Inventory.

Business Inventory Template is Customizable

Perhaps what makes this template so powerful is it is fully customizable. You can add and delete categories to fit your particular needs with the click of just a few buttons. You don’t even need any programming skills.

Once you have all of the categories that you desire, you can start entering in your data. The Business Inventory Template allows you to manipulate your data to generate what ever type of report you may need. You can show which products need to be reordered. You can show which items sell the fastest. You can use the template to track which items get damaged the quickest.

This template can help you reduce the amount of time you spend on inventory, freeing you up for other important tasks, which can help reduce your stress.

Download: Business Inventory