Business Flyer Template


Screenshot of the Business Flyer Template

In this social media-driven world, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the effectiveness a simple email flyer can have on the marketing efforts of your business. Email flyers can give you the power to market to as wide or as targeted an audience as you’d like without the time and costs often associated with Internet marketing. And the Business Flyer Template available for download from this page can make creating a flyer even easier, letting you make a virtually flawless in-email presentation.

Of course, any flyer is going to have to represent you and your message while still catching the reader’s eye. To that end, the creators of the free Business Flyer Template from Microsoft available here have designed it to be fully customizable and easy to use. Inserting and maneuvering text and pictures is easy and requires no extra graphics knowledge. Its ease of use makes it the perfect template for any e-flyer, whether you want to advertise a company party to your employees or a Presidents Day sale to the clientele on your mailing list.

How to Use the Business Flyer Template

  • Download and open the business flyer template available from Microsoft on this web page. It should open automatically in Outlook.
  • Insert text and pictures into the appropriate places in the business flyer template. Again, this template is designed to be customized, so if you want a picture where text is, remember that everything can be moved around.
  • Save the finished file to an appropriate location on your computer for safekeeping. Then insert the flyer into an email in Outlook and enter your desired recipients in the ‘To’ field. After that, simply click ‘Send’ to send out your new email flyer.

Tips for Using the Business Flyer Template

  • Have an idea of how you would like your flyer to look before you begin. What will your message be? Which pictures do you have available to use in the flyer? Which colors do you want to use?
  • Know the source of everything you put on the flyer. Never use pictures you find on the internet unless they’re explicitly marked for public use, and remember to obtain permission first if you’re going to use text that someone else has written.
  • Have fun. Play with it until you’re absolutely satisfied. Move things around, re-size boxes, play around with colors. A flyer that was fun to make will likely be more fun to read.

Creating an email flyer can be both fun and effective, and with the aid of the Business Flyer Template it can be fast and easy as well. With a little creativity you can use your flyers to get your message across in a way that is sure to capture the attention of your audience.

Download: Business Flyer Template