Business Credit Application


When it comes to deciding whether or not your business should extend a line of credit to customers, you do not want to have any reservations about the decision. If you are looking for a new source of capital for you business or you are thinking about lending to a business owner, it is of the utmost importance the you check their references, credit history, and background before you open your checkbook. By using our Business Credit Application Template, you will be able to gather and organize information so that you will be able to make the most informed decision possible.

The Benefit of Using the Business Credit Application Template

By downloading our free, easy-to-use Business Credit Application Template from this site, you will soon be able to gather the necessary information required for whether or not a line of credit should be issued to a customer or business. This form has sections which allow you to collect the contact information of a business, their credit information, trade references, and agreement terms. This form also allows for all the information to be centrally located on one form for future reference. Our template offers customization in text and printing size as well as a user-friendly format to make sure your satisfaction.

How to Use the Business Credit Application Template

  1. Download the template from this site.
  2. Open in Microsoft Word.
  3. Highlight the [Company Name] blank given at the top of the template and replace it with your own Company Name. You may also wish to include information such as your company’s telephone number, address, or other contact information.
  4. Under the Agreement heading, customize the text with your company’s agreement and expectations before an extension of credit can be issued. For this section, you may wish to use specifics in order to make sure that there is no confusion about what is expected from the parties involved.
  5. Once you have replaced the template’s information with your own, you will now be able print the page and be able to begin collect the necessary information on your customers to make an informed decision.

Thank you for downloading and using the free Microsoft Business Credit Application Template.

Download: Business Credit Application