Business Card Template


Screenshot of the Business Card Template

The Business Card Template is a valuable tool to download to your desktop. Whether you are in business for yourself or working for a company you will need to have a professional means to identify yourself.

With the Business Card Template, you can easily download a completely free copy to your desktop. The template can be saved to Word 2003 or later. The template is completely customizable to your own preferences, but the template will give you guidance in how to create your personal business card.

Using the Business Card Template

If you already have a logo to add to your Business Card Template you can simply place it in the space provided in the template. Alternatively, you could add a photograph of yourself or your product. If you choose to use the template the way it is designed, you can add your company name across the top of the business card in whatever size, text, color and font that you like.

The template is designed to create a larger space for your name and position so that this very important information is bold and highlighted to catch the attention of your customers.

The beauty of the Business Card Template is that you can choose your own font and text colors. You can choose to bold certain text. For example, if you really want your website to stand out, you can bold this in a different color.

In the space provided for address information on the Business Card Template, you can customize the address field in whatever way works best for you. Some individuals will want to add all of their contact information, including address, work and cell phone numbers, fax number, email address and website address. This information can of course be tailored to your exact needs.

There are different products available to print your business cards. Most of the packages of business cards have ten cards per page. When you get ready to print, simply buy the product that is right for your budget. These sheets are easy to feed into your printer. You will probably want to use a color printer if you have a logo or photo, but if this is not available to you simply printing a business card in black and white is an option.

Using the Business Card Template is simple and cost saving. If you need to make minor changes to your card in the future, you can simply modify the text and print some new cards.

Download: Business Card Template