Business Card Template Sheet

Business Card Template Sheet

If you need some new business cards fast, the free Business Card Template Sheet is a great template that will give you the basic build for a business card. You can easily use this free document to make a business card that suits your needs. Furthermore, you will receive multiple copies of the same business card to print and use. The guide below will show you how to take the plain background and text and make the template into a business card that reflects your professionalism and work ethic. To get started today, just follow the guide below.

Using the Business Card Template Sheet

Downloading the free template is as simple as clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

When you open the document, you’ll find a row of 10 business card copies on one page. There are two different elements to these cards. You have the icon at the top and the contact information to the right.

Start by changing the image, as this is the easiest task. You may have a company logo already. You’ll simply insert the image, resize it, and then place it over the example logo. You can then copy and paste your logo and do the same with the remaining business cards.

Now it’s time to change the contact information. Start by entering your own name in place of the example. To change the text, simply click the text box and delete the examples. You can then write something new. You will go through and do the same for your address and phone numbers.

When you have your business cards completed, it’s time to print.

To print the sheet, scroll to the top of the page and select “File” then “Print.”

This template will make your life easier by giving you the tools to make your own business cards, just the way you want them.

Download: Business Card Template Sheet