Bumper Sticker Template


Bumper stickers are everywhere and everyone seems to own at least one. They can be commercial, humorous, show support for a team or organization, be secular or religious. There seems to be a bumper sticker than can describe almost anyone. Some businesses and corporations use bumper stickers to spread their name and logo. Think of this, how many bumper stickers do you see with the Apple logo on them? There are tons of bumper stickers with the Apple logo on them and you see them almost everyday. Companies use bumper stickers as a way to advertise the name or logo to an untouched market. Individuals can create their own bumper stickers using the Bumper Sticker Template on this page.

How To Use the Bumper Sticker Template

Here are some tips on using the Bumper Sticker Template

  • First, download the Bumper Sticker Template on this page.
  • Second, save to your computer
  • Third, open the Bumper Sticker Template in a new document.
  • Fourth, Add the text you desire.

The Bumper Sticker Template is an easy to use, free to download and completely customizable. It is up to you to create your very own bumper sticker.

Tips On Customizing With the Bumper Sticker Template

  • Think of your own catch phrases or quotes. Or choose a favorite inspirational quote. Music lyrics are also a great choice when making your own bumper sticker.
  • Change the text by changing fonts, colors, and sizes. It does not all have to be the same. Mix it up with multiple fonts or colors.
  • Add a background with solid color or another pattern. Adding a background will make the text pop.
  • Add shapes like hearts, stars, and squares, or add an image from your computer.
  • Let your imagination go wild and do something that is completely you.

This is your chance to be as creative as you want to be. After you have made your bumper sticker you can save it to your computer. Then, you can print it out and show the world how creative you can be. Make one for your friends or family so they can share their creative side too.

Download: Bumper Sticker Template