Bold Resume Template

Bold Resume Template

Go bold or go home, the free Bold Resume Template will help you land that next job by being bold. So what’s so special about this free Word template resume? The design is made by experts to stand out, plain and simple. You will go through the set of instructions below to create a resume that will immediately jump out at employers. This template makes sure the people looking at this resume will see the important stuff at a glance. While plain templates blend right into the pile, this one jumps right out at them and demands to be read. Give the Bold Resume Template a try by following the guide below.

Using the Bold Resume Template

To download the free template, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

The next step is to change the name at the top. To change any of the prewritten examples, just highlight the text with your mouse and write something new to replace it. It’s really that simple.
The space below the name is for your contact information. You need to give your email, address, phone number, and website (if applicable).

Next, give your objectives. Say why you want this job and what you expect from the role as you progress in your career.

Your education is below the objective. Just enter your school name, degree, and any accomplishments you want to mention.

You can then give your experiences. This is just a detailed list of your previous jobs and positions. For each job, give the information requested (title, company, dates of employ, etc.).

Finally, you can use the menu to add your list of skills directly to the template. When you click on the menu, you can type your skill and the template will automatically make it a bulleted list.

With everything entered, you’ll be good to go! This template is great for making the important stuff pop, giving you the chance to show off your strengths.

Download: Bold Resume Template