Blood Sugar Chart Template


Screenshot of the Blood Sugar Chart Template

Keeping track of one’s blood sugar is one of the most important parts of diabetes. Because one must keep a record of blood sugar numbers, times and other important information, there is a need to collect this information and store it. Finding the best way to keep track of blood glucose numbers can be difficult. Using a blood sugar chart template is a great way to track numbers and find out what ones average is at the same time.

Using this type of chart saves time and hassle, keeping all the information on the computer. It can be found with just a few clicks of the mouse so adding new numbers is quick and simple.

How to Use the Free Blood Sugar Chart Template

  • Once the blood sugar chart template is downloaded, simply open the document.
  • Change the dates in the template to the current dates for the month.
  • Add a name by clicking on line three between the words: Blood Sugar Tracking and Charted Progress. This is a good place to put a name in the tracker.
  • Changing the time is the same as changing the date; just make sure to keep the columns and rows lined up.
  • After testing sugar, enter the number into the slot that corresponds with the correct date. Make sure to enter the correct time in the time slot as well. This helps track patterns in blood sugar levels.
  • Finally, remember to save the document. It can be opened and changed as often as necessary.

Tips on Using the Blood Sugar Chart Template

  • First, always remember to check the slot in which numbers are being entered. Putting a blood sugar number in the wrong spot on the tracker can create confusion and incorrect averages.
  • Second, remember to print off a copy of the blood sugar chart template when going to the doctor. Having current numbers handy in an easy to read fashion makes doctors’ appointments faster and easier.
  • Finally, always remember to hit save. Hitting save a second time will cause no harm but forgetting to hit save once can cause information to be lost

Keeping track of sugar numbers is very important to people with diabetes. Using tracking charts with customizable options is a great way to monitor sugar levels.

Download: Blood Sugar Chart Template