Blood Pressure Tracker Template


Screenshot of the Blood Pressure Tracker Template

Tracking blood pressure is a vital part of managing your health. A single reading of high blood pressure is not an indication that treatment is necessary. To accurately treat this condition, doctors monitor the systolic and diastolic pressure over a period of time. Recording your pressure at home will allow you to see trends. This blood pressure tracker template is free and can assist you in monitoring your blood pressure.

Share your at home readings with your medical practitioner. Together you can determine what foods and activities are triggering high blood pressure and monitor the efficiency of any medications on your particular condition. This free blood pressure tracker template costs you nothing. With today’s costly healthcare, any savings you can get helps.

How to Use the Blood Pressure Tracker Template

  • Download the blood pressure tracker template that is available for free on this page.
  • The template is an easy to use spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel.
  • You can customize the page with colors or your name in Excel.
  • Take your blood pressure.
  • The top number should be recorded as the systolic pressure.
  • The bottom number should be recorded as the diastolic pressure.
  • Check your systolic and diastolic pressure several times a day at the same time every day.
  • Note any activity and the time your blood pressure is taken

Tips for Using the Blood Pressure Tracker Template

  • Use the restroom before you take your blood pressure.
  • Be seated with your feet on the ground when you take your blood pressure.
  • Stress, caffeine, alcohol, herbs, exercise, and dieting can affect your blood pressure. Note any activity or food eaten when recording your blood pressure.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes after consuming alcohol, caffeine, medication, or herbs before recording your blood pressure.
  • Place blood pressure tracker sheets near the blood pressure monitor for quick access or on the fridge at eye level to remind you to monitor your blood pressure.
  • If your systolic blood pressure is over 180 or the diastolic is 110 while monitoring it at home, wait 30 minutes and take it again. If it is still this high, call a medical professional.

Download: Blood Pressure Tracker Template