Blood Pressure Log


screenshot of the Blood Pressure Log

A blood pressure log or blood pressure tracker is a great way to keep ones blood pressure numbers organized. This helps patients when they are having problems or when it is time to visit the doctor for a check-up. It is important for those that have high blood pressure to keep track of changes to identify potential causes of blood pressure spikes.

Monitoring ones blood pressure also allows one to see what exercise and diet regimens are working the best. Everyone’s body works differently; medication, foods and exercise can have different effects on each individual person. Using the free blood pressure log can greatly benefit patients with high blood pressure and other blood pressure disorders.

Filling Out the Blood Pressure Log

Filling out the daily blood pressure log is easy. Simply add the starting date at the top left of the log to begin. Record the systolic number or the top number first. This number is usually lower than the diastolic number. Add the diastolic number next and then record ones pulse. Remember to save the document before exiting and that is all there is to filling out the log.

Checking blood pressure later in the evening will give one the second set of readings that is asked for in the log. This will give doctors two daily numbers to go by when comparing blood pressure results. The daily blood pressure log is free to download and easy to customize in Excel.

Tips for Using the Blood Pressure Log

  • If the doctor requires more blood pressure checks per day, it is easy to add another line for a third or even a fourth set of numbers. Simply click beneath the second set of numbers for the day and then click insert row from the top of the menu bar. This puts a third line into the log so that the numbers can be listed in order.
  • A complete list of instructions and tips for use is located in the tabs at the bottom left of the page under Read Me and Calculations. These tabs let users look at the complete directions for use and the way that blood pressure numbers are compared to possible health disorders.
  • Clicking the open area next to the end of the disorders list will allow one a place to keep notes such as, ate fast food, drank a caffeinated beverage, and exercised for half an hour today.

Download: Blood Pressure Log