Biweekly Budget Template


Screenshot of the Biweekly Budget Template

Most people who work an average, hourly job get paid once every two weeks. For many workers it’s understood that they will receive a regular infusion of cash based on a regular work schedule, and over time the amount of money that a worker makes becomes fairly predictable. However, that money still needs to be properly budgeted so they can deal with expenses. To that end, it’s a good idea for someone to download a biweekly budget template.

What is a Biweekly Budget Template?

This template is pretty much just what it sounds like; a Microsoft Excel document that does all the heavy lifting regarding one’s biweekly expenses. This biweekly budget template comes with all of the spaces for expenses laid out, and it will automatically total up what someone spends every two weeks. There’s no heavy lifting on the part of the person putting together the biweekly budget template.

How Does The Biweekly Budget Template Work?

There is no special computer savvy required for those who will be putting their budgets together using this template. All one has to do is download the template from this page. Once the file is saved on that person’s computer, all he or she has to do is open it up, and then click Save As. Typically it should be saved as something easy to remember, like the biweekly period the budget reflects. Once the budget has been named, the next step is just to fill in all the blanks with the appropriate dollar amounts that one intends to spend in that period.

The Advantages of a Biweekly Budget

This template provides a lot of advantages for people who need to keep track of how much they spend. Firstly, it works on Microsoft Excel. That means there’s no special software to buy or additional program to learn. Secondly, the template is completely free. So even if someone messes up the original, or the file gets lost somehow, people can just go right back to the website and download a fresh copy with no charge and no questions asked.

This is particularly useful for those who get new computers, but who don’t want to dig through their old ones to try and find that file to transfer it over. Lastly, this template form is fast and simple. Whether someone is computer savvy or not, good at math or not, it will work.

Download: Biweekly Budget Template