Birthday Card Template


Screenshot of the Birthday Card Template

If you are always buying and sending birthday cards to those who you are close to, you should think about using the Microsoft Word Birthday Card Template. You can download this easy to use template here and customize it any way you like to be used for anyone’s special day.

How to Use the Birthday Card Template

The first step in using the Birthday Card Template is customizing it to fit the person who you are sending it to. On the front is a birthday cake surrounded by orange dots. In Microsoft Word, this appears upside-down, but when printed and folded correctly, it will appear right side-up.

By double clicking on the text box on the front of the card, you can edit the information to suit your recipient. Change the name Cindy to the name of the person you are sending the card to. The inside of the card has a simple birthday wish that you can change if you like and three candles.

This design leaves area at the bottom for you to pen in your own greeting and put your signature after you have printed it out. Once you have made the changes you wish to make to the card, print it out and fold the top to the bottom, then the left to the right. This will orient everything the correct way and leave you with a birthday card ready for sending.

Tip on Using the Birthday Card Template

If you wish to change the picture on the front of the card, it can be done pretty simply. Delete the original picture and under the insert tab, you can either add a picture from your computer or clip art. Right click on the picture you import and change the size to about 4.75” from top to bottom and 3.5” from left to right after deselecting lock aspect ratio. You will then need to flip the image 180 degrees so it is upside down. Change your text to better suit your new image and you should have a fully customized Birthday Card.

The Birthday Card Template can help you make many different cards and save time and money by printing them out at home. The fully customizable and easy-to-use template is available here for download and can be used any way you want.

Download: Birthday Card Template