Bid Tracker


Free Bid Tracker

With the new bid tracker, it’s possible to track your bids online, in an easy way. Here are some instructions on how to use this perfectly designed template to meet all of your bid tracking needs. The template is available for free on this page, and it is also customizable to meet your specific needs as a maker of bids (or as someone who is tracking them for others). The template is also easy to use, and is downloadable, as you can see, right from this easy to access website.

Using the Bid Tracker Template

This specific software figures out the number of bids you’ll want to make based on the information you enter in the description column. You’ll want to begin each entry by describing what your bid is about, thus making each bid count.

After you enter a description of your bid, the program will keep track of the date, but only if you enter it into the template. You’ll want, then, to enter in the date the bid was completed, and the bid tracker will keep up with these dates and number them in sequential order for you.

Next, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to enter the amount of the bid you have made or are making. If the bid tracker knows the amount of the bid you are making, it is then able to calculate percentages based on the number you enter under amount. It will track by date, but it will calculate, in the column adjacent to the amount, the percentage of bid that is complete. You, too, are able to adjust the “bid complete” column to meet your business and bid tracker needs, and the bid tracker will keep up with this number as it changes.

The bid tracker is available to track your bid in various stages of completion, as you can see. It features data bars, and it also features a shifting bar chart to meet your needs as a bidder or as someone simply tracking bids for others. It is a simple design, but it works well to track bids as they come in or are made.

Download: Bid Tracker